20170425_123421.jpgApril 26, 2017 - East Orange - East Orange Tenant Leaders from 18 senior citizen buildings have announced their endorsement of East Orange Mayoral Candidate Ted R. Green.  Ted Green said, “I want to thank the Senior Building Tenant Presidents.  Each of them plays an important role in the provision of housing and the quality of life for seniors in East Orange.”  The endorsement was made at a lunch meeting.  He continued, “This listening session, was for us - all of the City Council candidates, 1st Ward Councilman Chris James, 2nd Ward Councilman Romal Bullock, 3rd Ward Council Candidate Bergson Leneus, 4th Ward Councilwoman Tyshammie Cooper and 5th Ward Councilwoman Alicia Holman, an important part of understanding the needs of seniors living in senior housing.  Freeholder President Britnee Timberlake, who is seeing re-election, participated in the meeting as well.  Green said, "The meeting was an opportunity to hear first-hand from those on the front line of housing for one of our most vulnerable populations.”  East Orange is home to thousands of seniors – some of the larger senior buildings house up to nearly 1,000 people. The Green Team has conducted a number of listening sessions with East Orange seniors on a number of issues including housing, programs and services, access to health care, public safety and more.  "We will continue to work closely with the Presidents and the tenants to ensure the best quality of life possible for them."


20170425_123835.jpgGreen and the entire Line A Team have also been endorsed by the East Orange Democratic Party and the Essex County Democratic Party.  
The Primary will be held on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.  To get more information about Ted R. Green and the Line A candidates, visit them on line at or on Facebook at tedgreenin17.